beate eismann

Naumburg is a town in Central Germany were an important building was erected in the 13th century: the Naumburg Cathedral. It still exists as a wonderful mixture of late Romanesque and early Gothic architecture.

One of the cathedral’s treasures is formed by 12 statues which are well-known among art historians: the Gothic sculptures of the western choir, created by the so called “Naumburg Master”. They are made of limestone and astonish by their vital realism.

On occasion of the “Year of Cathedral Treasures 2008”, two jewellery artists, Anja Geiling from Naumburg and Beate Eismann, were asked to do research on the jewellery of the sculptures which should afterwards lead us to create some contemporary jewellery pieces inspired by the jewellery of the sculptures.

This project was initiated by the association Vereinigte Domstifter zu Merseburg und Naumburg and the Kollegiatstift Zeitz, and generously supported by the Art Foundation Saxony Anhalt.

The modern jewellery pieces you see here are Beate Eismann´s contribution to the project. They are mainly based on the clasps and fibulas of the statues, and in particular on the ring which one of the female statues wears on her left middle finger, the so called “UTA RING”.